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Our Voice Changer is designed to minimize artificial or robotic characteristics commonly associated with voice conversion, ensuring that our digital voices maintain their natural and distinct sounds.


Transform Your Voice in Real-time

Reduced time lag during conversations and livestreams.


Choose From a Library of Characters

With character voices suited to every occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect digital voice.

Converting Diverse Voices into Expressive Digital Speech


Multilingual support

You can use AI voices in various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and French.


More than 10k different voices

You can choose the voice that best suits your application from a large number of voices.


Voice Replication

Digital Voices are voice replicas produced with advanced AI algorithms and deep learning techniques to imitate the complex array of tones and colors that make each voice original.


Create your own digital voice and become a member of our VoiceHub.

Join our VoiceHub with more than 10k natural digital voices and create a spot-on match that sounds just like you.

Our voice replication feature mirrors every intonation, rhythm and nuance giving you incredibly realistic results. Keep your digital voice private or publish to our VoiceHub to get compensated for its use by other CoeFont members.

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About CoeFont

We are a global AI Voice Hub, empowering you to use your voice by creating and using our multilingual digital voices.

Voice for All Project

We have been offering free AI voice creation and use to individuals at risk of losing their voices since 2021, expanding coverage to people with speech disabilities in 2023. In that time over 500 people from around the globe have signed up to the Voice Revive Project.

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